Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sharing flex code examples

Developing flash front ends with flex is really getting to me.
I don't have Flex Builder but find no problem with developing using another IDE combined with maven and the israfil mojo.

From time to time I blog about some nifty actionscript 3/flex code but I am missing a simple way to distribute the sourcecode.
Unfortunately my IDE - Intellij IDEA - doesn't contain a feature making it easy to distribute the flex sample code, neither have I found a maven plugin capable of packaging the sourcecode for distribution.

Adobe added the ViewSource capable of linking to some arbitrary URL where the source is located.

import com.adobe.viewsource.ViewSource;
But then again you have to have the source code distributed :-)

I am considering developing a maven plugin that can do the job, but it would be waste of time if a solution is somewhere "out there".

So please let me know!


Tech Per said...


But what is most interesting (to me), is how they (Adobe) added a new menu item to right-click popup menu.

Can you do that from the flex api?

Jacob von Eyben said...

It is a core thing in the flash api where you can manipulate the Contextmenu for toplevel components.

See examples here