Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Your past will always haunt you...

Recently I was contacted by Geoff Callender, the guy behind the Tapestry Jumpstart application.

He was working on the next Jumpstart version (1.2), that should contain a solution to the famous redirect-after-post paradigm.
As any other developer he must have used Google in his search for inspirationto such a solution and Google must have led him to Tapestry Bayeux.

Bayeux is a Tapestry Component Library containing a small set of components that a couple of my colleagues and I have developed a long time ago - back in the time were Tapestry 3 was on anybodies lips.

Geoff was interested in in the "do it once" components that prevents the user from activating more than one listener by the use of some Javascript. They should be a part of his solution to the previous mentioned redirect-after-post paradigm.

But those components was only Tap 3 compatible, so Geoff had to convert the components to Tap 4 him self if he would like to use this approach in his solution.

And so he did!
I tried to convince him to contribute the source back to Bayeux by giving him developer privileges but some how that wasn't tempting enough. :-)

So now I am "stuck" with the task of bringing Bayeux up to the latest stable version of tapestry - which is 4.1.1 at the current time of writing.
Its funny how software you developed as a part of a solution for some client back in the ages can haunt you down and for a split second make you think "why did I ever make it open-source" :-)

Just started the upgrade of Bayeux made me realize that software development has moved on since then...
Maven 1 > Maven 2

Just more work to be done... :-)

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