Saturday, 19 May 2007

Bayeux is now tapestry 4.1 compatible

I am a developer of Tapestry Bayeux and is proud to announce the release of Tapestry Bayeux 2.0.0-beta-2 (see: changelog).

The reason why I have decided to name the release beta-2 is because the flow component available in bayeux 1.4.0 isn't included in this release. But that is the only reason and the rest of the components is stable.

What is bayeux?
Tapestry Bayeux is a open source component library for Tapestry and was released for the first time back in 2004.

Bayeux contains various components primarily developed for use in projects that Nordija is involved in. But since our first release we have had numerous downloads and we know for sure that tapestry jumpstart 1.2 uses the "do it once" components.

Actually it was Geoff Callender - the developer of tapestry jumpstart - that inspired me to upgrade tapestry bayeux.

When we first released Bayeux, tapestry 3.0 had only been stable for about half a year.
Since then tapestry has evolved rapidly and the latest stable release at the current time of writing is 4.1.1.
In hope to fit as many active tapestry projects as possible, we have upgraded Bayeux to tapestry 4.1.

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