Sunday, 10 June 2007

Tapestry Bayeux 2.0.0 released - Improved download an image streaming functionality

I have just released the final version of Tapestry Bayeux 2.0.0.

As with 2.0.0-beta2 the new 2.0.0 will be available from ibiblio in a couple of days.

Then you will be able to depend on Bayeux by adding the following dependency snippet to your pom.xml

Tapestry version:
The last version 2.0.0-snapshot was compiled and tested against Tapestry 4.1, but because of some issues with Tapestry 4.1 and Java 1.4 I decided to upgrade to Tapestry 4.1.1.

New Features:
A few extra features has been added since 2.0.0 beta-2:
  • StreamLink: A updated an renamed version of the DownloadLink. This StreamLink works together with the StreamService to get access to a StreamResource defined by the user.
    The StreamService is capable of streaming all kinds of data, hence the StreamLink is useful when a tapestry application is to provide some kind of download facility.
  • StreamAsset: As the StreamLink this asset works together with the StreamService. The StreamAsset is useful for streaming images that is not a static asset.
    That could be streaming of a JFreeChart (something that Bayeux provides special StreamResource implementations for)
  • RequiredValidationDelegate: A simple extension of the default ValidationDelegate provided by tapestry. The RequiredValidationDelegate uses css instead of hard coded font color values.
    But the most nifty feature is the integration with the input fields and any associated RequiredValidator. Every input field with an requiredvalidator is marked with a *, hence you don't have to keep your required fields in sync with your validators.


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bioye said...

I believe application extensions are deprecated in tapestry 4.1. Any plans to integrate hivemind? I see the standard setup for the StreamAsset class is an application extension in the aplication spec..