Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Flex maven template - getting started

In Per´s lession 1 of his flex development tutorial he showed us a build setup - it is a bit outdated by now as the israfil plugin moved to google code and the sateh repository doesn't exist anymore. It also only contained the flex module and no war sample showing how easy it is to deploy the flex application.

I took the liberty to create my own template consisting of a multimodule build:

  • Flex module - looking prettymuch the same as Per´s.
  • War module - depending on the flex module wrapping the swf file into a war ready to deploy.
I would have created a maven archetype, but considering mavens lack of support for archetypes containing multimodules I just created a zip.

I find the template useful when starting a flexproject from scratch and maybe you will too?

Download the flex-template

For more information about the israfil plugin click here


Jacob von Eyben said...

I have created a maven archetype that can quickstart your flex development.

Check it out

Anonymous said...

I executed the flex-maven-template but flex.swf is not included in the final war-1.0.war.

Tim O'Brien said...

This is brilliant. Jacob, you are brilliant! Thanks for this template!